On-line resources for Quilt Block Patterns

Who doesn’t like something free, especially quilting stuff? And what a better way to get free stuff than using the internets. (Yes, i know it’s not really called that, but it makes me sound all the more dorky, which my teenage daughter loves!)

There are many quilt block patterns that are “free domain.” (I don’t know what the real term is in the quilting world.) This means they are old enough that anyone can publish the patterns. Today, I’ve put together a list of sites that have free quilt block patterns. Some are free domain, and some are just made available by the designer. So, have fun, plan your next project, and enjoy the “freeness!”

A great resource for many classic blocks is Quilter’s Cache. They have blocks by name, by size, and by illustration. And, of course, all the instructions. There are a lot of original blocks here, too.

Quilt blocks from Quilter's Cache

Dolly Madison’s Star #2, and Crowning Glory blocks from Quilter’s Cache/Marcia Hohn.

The next site is McCall’s Quilting. They have a great library, and are adding new blocks every month. They have great, easy-to-follow instructions. They also have both traditional and original blocks.

Quilt blocks from McCall's Quilting

54-40 or Fight, and Bear’s Paw Variation from McCall’s Quilting.

Next up is Jinny Beyer’s site. Jinny is a wonderful fabric designer, and these blocks are gorgeous, too. She has them listed in categories of construction type, such as 4-patch, etc. The blocks are downloadable in several sizes. This site offers a design wall, where you can try out different blocks for a quilt.

Quilt blocks from Jinny Beyer.

Hunter’s Star and Pine Tree blocks from Jenny Beyer.

Another great site is Block Central. They have downloadable block designs, both traditional and original, with great instructions. They also have blocks of the month, quilt directories, and coloring pages.

Quilt blocks from Block Central

Swing in the Center and Christmas Star blocks from Block Central.

Next is CompuQuilt. They have a lot of blocks, mostly original, but also some of the traditional ones. They have downloadable instructions, and other goodies.

Quilt blocks from CompuQuilt

Circle Chase and Triangle Log Cabin blocks from CompuQuilt.

Last for today is quilt.com. They have a list blocks in alphabetical order. This is great if you know the name of the block. They are also listed by construction type. Some blocks are available in multiple sizes.

Quilt blocks from quilt.com

Pinetree and Grandmother’s Quilt blocks from quilt.com.

So, folks, enjoy checking out these sites, and finding the perfect block for your next project!


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