Shape Cut Plus cutting tool from June Tailor

Inside: One fabulous cutting tool.

“You can cut binding strips with that, you know,” said Mary.

“What?!,” I exclaimed.

After a short tutorial I knew. I was in love.

The Shape Cut Plus by June Tailor is one of my favorite, most frequently used tools!

Shape Cut Plus quilting tool

This is the single greatest invention of the 20th century! Okay, that’s probably saying too much, but I love this tool! It is designed for cutting strips en masse. You simply lay the ruler over your folded fabric and cut through the slots to get your strips. This tool is great for all of those 2 1/2″-wide strip patterns using jelly rolls, etc. It’s so easy to cut your own!

Shape Cut Plus quilting tool

I bought my first shape cut plus when Mary showed me that you can cut bias binding strips using it. You see, there is a 1/4″ mark at the edge of the ruler, with an instruction sheet on making strips that are 1/4″ or 3/4″. I actually took two different colored sharpies and marked where my first cuts are and my 2nd cuts.

Shape Cut Plus quilting ruler

You simply fold your fabric on the bias (see bias binding tutorial) and lay the ruler over the fabric. Then I make my first cuts.

Shape Cut Plus quilting ruler

Move the ruler’s 1/4″ mark to the edge of the cut fabric and make your 2nd cuts.

Shape Cut Plus quilting tool

Tons of bias binding strips in two simple steps! I love it.Shape Cut Plus quilting ruler

Now, they have an even larger one, the Shape Cut Pro. This is fantastic! Less folding.

Shape Cut Pro

So fall in love with the Shape Cut Plus or the Shape Cut Pro! You’ll be grateful to have the single greatest invention of the 20th century, too!

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