You’ll Be in Awe at the Adorableness of Row 4 of In My Neighborhood

When I was going into 6th grade, I found out I would be changing schools for the last year of elementary school. I was not happy about this! My friends and I had gone to the same school for 5 years, and now we had to go to Central Elementary. We didn’t have a good opinion of Central! They just weren’t as cool as we were at Lakeview.

The kids in row 4 of the In My Neighborhood quilt-along are very happy, however. They have the most adorable schoolhouse in the history of schoolhouses! This block is called School Days and was designed by Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s designs. I love this cute row!

In My Neighborhood Quilt Along

In My Neighborhood Row 4, School Days, by Emily Baily of Aunt Em’s Quilts.

Download the pdf pattern of School Days.

Emily used a quick appliqué and embroidery method for her kids, but for my row I hand appliquéd and embroidered the kids. Here’s my row:

In My Neighborhood Row 4 Quilt Along

In My Neighborhood Row 4, School Days by Cheryl Brown of QuilterChic.

I’ve known Emily for quite a few years now, but the most interesting connection between us is that she lives in a house I formerly lived in! Weird coincidence.

Here is more info on Emily:

Emily Bailey has been sewing since she was 10, when her mother gave her her first sewing machine. Following her mother’s example, she dove into the creative experience, sewing first clothes and then quilts.

Scrap quilts are her favorite. When a bin gets full it’s time to create a quilt around its contents. She lives by the motto; “When life falls to pieces make a quilt.” It is her therapy.

In addition to creating scrap quilts, Emily enjoys teaching. She teaches at many area retreats. She thinks quilters make the best friends. They are generous and inclusive. She never fears going to a retreat by herself she knows she will find many new creative fun friends.

You may have noticed Emily in your favorite quilt magazine. She enjoys working with the editors of Fons and Porter and McCalls. You may have even seen her on a recent edition of Love of Quilting on your local PBS station.

She has a wide variety of patterns available at her etsy shop along with many free tutorials on her blog, Em’s Scrap Bag. Stop by for a visit and see what’s new.

The 6th grade transition ended up being a great move for me and my neighbors. We had a great year. Mr. Wilde and Mrs. Vavrika were wonderful teachers, and my cousin attended Central in my same grade. She and I created havoc wherever we went! It was just as cool as Lakeview!


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