Wedding Quilts

It’s June! That means weddings. (At least mine was in June.) How many quilts have you made for the happy couples recently? I thought I’d share some lovely wedding quilts with you today.

The double wedding ring quilt is a wonderful place to start. I’ve always loved this pattern, and I love how it symbolizes the rings, and eternity. This one was made with plaids and a white background.

Wedding quilt

Plaids Double Wedding Quilt from Amish Country Quilts.

Here’s one using more modern fabrics, and it is lovely, too!

Wedding quilt

Double Wedding Ring Quilt by Jessica Kelly of Sew Crafty Jess.

And I absolutely LOVE this modern take on the traditional double wedding ring:

Wedding quilt

Double Edge Love by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, quilted by Lisa Sipes.

On to some other themes. Here’s a fun appliqué quilt with a fun silhouette.

Wedding quilt

From This Moment by MorelCabin Creations.

Here’s an interesting concept I hadn’t seen before. It is a quilt made from the wedding dress! How fun would that be to have?

Wedding quilt

Wedding Dress Quilt by The Patchwork Bear.

Of course, a cute heart quilt would always make a wonderful wedding gift, so here are a few of those:

Wedding quilt

Sizzex Heart Quilt by Amanda, aka Jedi Craft Girl.

Wedding Quilt

Emily’s Heart Quilt by Martha Dellasega Gray.

I love this quilt, with it’s subtle little heart in the corner:

Wedding Quilt

Heart Quilt by Corinne Sovey of Must Love Quilts.

Now, back to the start and the story of my double wedding ring quilt. I have always wanted to make one of these for each of my 2 children when they got married. I started on this one when my son got engaged, and had planned to make a queen size quilt for him. I had hand cut all the pieces with templates, and as I started sewing and realized how difficult it is to make, I decided if I made it half that size I’d have enough cut pieces to make both quilts. (I REALLY didn’t want to cut that many pieces twice, anyway!)

Well, my son got married this past March, and I had the quilt ready for him and his wonderful wife. I used bright batiks with a black batik background, and I loved the way it turned out! I added the little pointed detail, because I liked how that looked on the edge. Lastly, I custom quilted it with bright variegated thread and lots of love. I hope you like it!

Wedding quilt

My Double Wedding Ring quilt.

Wedding quilt

Detail of my Double Wedding Ring quilt.



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