Tropical Quilts

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of winter! I know in the U.S. the East coast got pounded with snow. We didn’t get as much as they did, but we also got snow a few days ago, just when it seemed like it might melt! So, I’m getting out of Dodge and going on a cruise next week! I’m so excited to be WARM for a little while!

In honor of our trip, I thought I would post some beautiful tropical and beach quilts! Hope you enjoy the genre!

This first one is called Tropical Sundance, and has won several awards. The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer, and I couldn’t see the maker’s name, but it won 2nd place awards as the Merrimack Valley Quilt Guild Show in 2012.

Tropical Sundance quilt

This next beauty is a Hawaiian quilt. It is called You Are in Our Hearts by Nancy Lee Chong. I love the bright colors and lovely Hawaiian motifs!

Tropical quilts 2

©Pacific Rim Quilt Company

I fell in love with the next one! It is Tropical Whimsy by Kristi L. Parker of Chicken Soup Designs. The colors are to die for, and the appliqué is divine!

Tropical quilts 3

Next is a fabulous fish! This is The Tropical Fish by Irena Bluhm. She used colored pencils to color the fish portion of this quilt after it was quilted, then used a textile medium to fix the color. I think the results are great!

Tropical quilts 4

This next one is so pretty with the pinks and greens! It is Tropical Stars Quilt by Marcia Harmening of Happy Stash Quilts. Makes me so excited to sit on the beach!

Tropical quilts 5

Here’s a fun beach quilt. It is Beach Cabanas by Aimee Griffin of Overall Quilter. It is a paper-pieced quilt with the cutest cabanas ever! Now THAT makes me excited to sit on the beach!

Tropical quilts 10


Here’s another darling fish! Again, no credits to be found. Someone just posted it from an unnamed quilt show, but it looks like her name is “Sadie”. Sorry to whomever made this! I’d love to publish your name!

Tropical quilts 6

I adore this next quilt! It is Beach Break and was made by Patricia Frei of Quilted Works, and custom quilted by Natalia Bonner. Could the borders be more fun? (No, they couldn’t.)

Tropical quilts 7

Here’s another fun motif quilt, Seaside Treasures by Brenda Gael Smith of Serendipity Patchwork & Quilting. Tropical quilts seem to need bright, fun colors, and this one definitely has that! So pretty. This was also published in APQ magazine, June 2007.

Tropical quilts 8

Last for today is a much softer beach quilt. This is called Summer Beach Quilt, and was made by Cristina Tepsick of Pretty Little Quilts. I love the soft touch of the colors, and the blocks are so cute!

Tropical quilts 9

I hope you enjoyed today’s little tour of some warm weather quilts, and don’t be too jealous of my cruise! It’s the first time I’ve ever been on one. I’ll see you all on the other side, in a couple of weeks!





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