The Secret that will Help you with Amazing Curved Piecing

Inside: Find out how to simplify curve-pieced quilts

Are you intimidated by curved piecing? I know I was. I had an advantage, because I had done clothing construction when I was younger, but it still seemed impossible on a quilt.

Maybe you’ve been there, too. Maybe you haven’t, but in the “olden days” you would have to use a ton of pins and it seemed too overwhelming.

Well, no more, with the wonderful Curve Master sewing machine foot. I was skeptical, but I love this foot for curved piecing! They even provide videos showing you how to use it.

I was first introduced to this marvel at a quilting class for a large apple core quilt. It allowed me to easily make these:

Curve master sewing machine foot

Apple core quilt made by Cheryl Brown.

Quilt using curve master sewing machine foot

Apple core quilt started by my friend, Janice Jeppson, finished by Cheryl Brown.

Then with that confidence, it allowed me to more easily make this:

Double Wedding Ring quilt using curve master sewing machine foot

Double Wedding Ring quilt made by Cheryl Brown.

So don’t be afraid of curves anymore! They are very simple with this great foot. Keep calm and sew on!

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