Nativity Quilts – The Reason

No, this isn’t going to be a song by Hoobastank, but rather the reason for the season! I’m a believer, and love having Christmas to think about Jesus Christ and his birth. I even have a nativity set from Bethlehem, for heaven’s sake! If you’re not a believer, that’s okay too, just enjoy your holiday, and be grateful, like I am, for the feelings of good will and love of fellow man that occur this time of year!

Nativity set

My olive wood nativity set hand carried home from Bethlehem in 1996. (But set on a lovely quilted table topper!)

Today’s quilts are Nativity quilts, the reason, of course! Lots of people have amazing talents in designing these gorgeous quilts, and I hope you enjoy them.

These first two are appliqué, and I love the stained glass look of the first one and the pieced blocks in the second one.

Nativity quilts

Nativity from Adoration Quilts by Rachel Brown ©Martingale & Co., and The Nativity from Marti’s Quilting Room.

The next one is a very cool paper pieced nativity, and I love the scrappy, pieced stars around this cute nativity.

Nativity quilts

Nativity by Lisa T., and Stars Over Bethlehem by Stitches & Sew Forth.

I love the pieced/appliqué combo in this next one, along with this wonderful and unique quilt with the trees.

Nativity quilts

From Adoration Quilts by Rachel Brown ©Martingale & Co., and Nativity in the Trees from Pieces by Polly.

Last are my Nativity quilts (technically, one quilt, one wall hanging.) The first one is embroidered, and I found a great blue fabric that looks like Jerusalem. I don’t have the pattern for the wall hanging anymore, but I still like it. I did it with a dear friend who collects nativities.

Nativity Quilts

The Christmas Pageant by Plum Creek Collectibles, and Nativity, both made by Cheryl Brown

This is my Nativity set by Jim Shore (Mr. Quilt figurine dude.) It was given to me as a gift from the former owners of the quilt shop that I worked for. I love it.

Jim Shore Nativity set

Jim Shore Nativity set

Have a wonderful Christmas, and always remember the reason!


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