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You’ll Be in Awe at the Adorableness of Row 4 of In My Neighborhood

You're going to love the adorable kids and schoolhouse in Row 4 of In My Neighborhood!

Warning: Row 2 of the In My Neighborhood Quilt Along is Just Too Lovely!

Join me for row 2 of the In My Neighborhood Quilt Along featuring guest designer Paul Anderson of Uncle Paul's Quilting Company.

Here’s a Quick Free Christmas Pattern

Christmas trees, story and free patterns!

How to Get Inspired to Quilt (Even if you’re out of Ideas)

Finding quilting inspiration is just a magazine away!

Cute vs. Spooky: My Halloween Trauma and Quilts

The reason I don't like being scared at Halloween, and some fun and beautiful Halloween quilts.

2016 Britain Tour

Some of the beautiful fabric art pieces I found in a recent trip to Great Britain.

Americana Quilts

Enjoy a fun 4th of July tour of quilts!

Wedding Quilts

It's the season for making and giving wedding quilts!

Gorgeous Christmas Quilts

Enjoy a number of Christmas quilts.

Fun Halloween Quilts!

Enjoy a little Halloween spirit with a small tour of Quilts!