Tutorial on joining 4-patch seams for Quilts

Here’s a helpful hint for flat seams while making quilt tops!

quilt construction technique

When making blocks that have a four-patch construction, use a “split seam” technique when pressing to help the seams of the quilt top lie flatter. Press the first seam allowances toward the darker fabric. After sewing the two units together, pull the center to pop the last couple of stitches from the original seams.

quilt block technique

Press the “split” seam open in the opposite directions. You’ll see a tiny four-patch unit where the seams come together.

quilt block technique

This technique works for all blocks with a center seam: pinwheels, double 4-patch (on both sets), etc. And you’ll see a tiny block in the seam allowance for any of these! So give it a try on that next quilt top!

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