Some of my favorite needle threaders

If you’re like me, and getting a little more wise, (older) it gets harder and harder to see the eye of a needle! Luckily for us, there are people that are there to help us! They love to invent new, cool ways to thread a needle! Here are some great needle threaders to help you get that pesky needle threaded.

My absolute favorite is the Clover Desk Needle Threader. This works by putting the needle in the hole, the thread over a guide and clicking a button. I had to demonstrate this once for my boss, and I thought, “Sure, that’s not going to work at all!” Of course, I was wrong, and immediately had to have one for myself! They work great, even on small-eyed straw needles. I wore one out, and have one at home and one in my appliqué bag. They come in pretty colors now, which they didn’t to begin with.

Automatic needle threader

Clover Desk Needle Threader

Here is one that is made in Germany, the Witch. It works the same way as the Clover one, but claims to be the original. And then there’s one from Sewline that also works with the click of a button.

Automatic needle threaders

The Witch needle threader and Sewline needle threader

Here are two that work very simply: There is a wire that goes through the eye of the needle. You put your thread in the wire part and it pushes the thread through the eye. The first one, from Colonial, has a long handle, so would be good for sewing machines, and the second one is from Roxanne, and works great for hand sewing.

Hand needle threaders

Colonial needle threader and Roxanne needle threader.

Here’s a groovy-looking one! It comes from China and the company name is Aixinjllj. Yes, I typed it right, but it probably has totally different characters in Chinese. I think it’s really cute, and would love to try one!

Hand needle threader

Aixinjllj needle threader.

There are many variations of the simple, metal needle threader, and they’re available everywhere! You can find them in any quilt store.

Hand needle threaders

Simple metal needle threaders.

So, whether you want something inexpensive, or something a little more, there are great solutions out there for your threading needs! I have included a link to purchase most of the threaders, or you can look for them at your local quilt shop!

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