Some of my Favorite Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters are a quilting must-have! They changed the way quilters make quilts, and that is because of the ease of use, and the increased accuracy from the old scissors and template days.

The main rotary cutter you see being used is the Olfa cutter. They have all kinds of different designs, including the basic cutter, an ergonomic cutter, a quick change rotary, and their Splash cutter. They also have circle cutters and chenille cutters. The rotaries are available in 18mm, 28mm, 45mm (the most common size), and 60mm (a great large size, which is perfect for trimming quilt edges, etc.) There are also a lot of different blades, that can do a decorative edge (more for paper crafts.) Olfa cutters are easy to use, and sometimes they have pretty ones you can get!

Quilt rotary cutters from Olfa

Olfa Classic, Ergonomic, and Splash cutters.


Another cutter you see a lot is from Fiskars. They have a number of designs and also come in the 28mm, 45mm and 60mm. They have the classic stick cutter, a comfort loop rotary, and an ergo control rotary. My friend has a hard time opening the Olfa, and prefers the Fiskars, finding it easier to open.

Quilt rotary cutters from Fiskars

Fiskars Classic Stick, Comfort Loop and Ergo Control cutters.

Next is Omnigrid. They have a 28mm cutter and a 45mm cutter. Their cutters are “pressure sensitive” meaning they don’t have a closer on them, they stay closed until you push on the blade.

Quilt rotary cutters from Omnigrid

Omnigrid 45mm Pressure Sensitive and 28mm rotary cutters.

Another interesting cutter is Martelli’s ergo rotary cutter. It is angled to be able to use a more natural arm position. I have a friend that is a big fan of these, as it seems more like pushing it forward. Also, Clover makes a cutter, which has a soft-cushion handle. These are both available in the 45mm size.

Quilt rotary cutters from Martelli and Clover

Martelli’s Ergo cutter and Clover’s 45mm rotary cutter.

I saved my favorite for last. (Probably should have put it first…) I love the Gingher cutter. As with Gingher scissors, it is top quality and very comfortable to use. It is only available in the 45mm size right now. It closes similar to the Olfa cutter, and I just love the way it looks and feels!

I have mentioned closing your rotary cutter several times because it is important to get into the habit of keeping it closed between cuts. Otherwise, you can have an event like the last photo! (Bwahaha! Admit it, it is funny.) I learned to keep them closed when I worked at a quilt shop because someone else might pick up the cutter and cut body parts… mostly fingers, thumbs… you know, those optional parts.

Quilt rotary cutter from Gingher

Ginger’s 45mm cutter and something you don’t want to see unwrapped!

Hope you enjoyed this listing, and that it helps you find the perfect cutter for you!

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