Quilt Designer Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup

Quilt Soup is the pattern company started by Barbara Jones! I have known Barbara for many years, when she used to teach classes at the shop I worked for. The first quilt of hers that I fell in love with was Two-fers. I love the star appliqué and the two quilts you end up with!

Patterns from Quilt Soup

Two-fers and Cherry Clopinno by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup.

Shortly after that, Barbara started her own pattern company, Quilt Soup. She likes to include recipes with her patterns, so that’s where the name came from! From there her quilt designing career has taken off! She has published 4 books and several magazine articles, and now designs fabric for Henry Glass Fabrics.

She specializes in whimsical appliqué, combined with piecing, and has a very unique and distinctive look that is all her own.

Enough words. Here are some of the quilts! I made this Birds and the Bees as a block-of-the-month at our “shared” local quilt shop, Quilter’s Haven in Bountiful, UT. It hangs in my guest room, because I love it!

Quilt from Quilt Soup and Barbara Jones

Birds and the Bees and Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup.

Pattern from Quilt Soup

Summertime Table Runner by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup.

The next one is a new pattern to go with her latest fabric, Fashion Plate, from Henry Glass, and another fun pattern, Corner Flower Shoppe, which several of my friends have made! (And I have quilted…) Both are available as kits.

Patterns from Quilt Soup

Pocketbooks and Pumps and Corner Flower Shoppe by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup.

Last, here are some of her fabric designs, which are just as fun as she is!

Quilt fabric from Henry Glass

Fashion Plate by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass Fabric.

I love this next line, because of the bikes! I’m anxious to get back on mine and start training. It is Cruzin’.

Quilt fabric from Henry Glass

Cruzin’ by Barbara Jones for Henry Glass Fabric.

I hope you enjoyed Barbara’s work as much as I enjoyed writing about it! She’s a fun person, and her personality really comes out in her quilts and fabric. Check out a lot more fun stuff at Quilt Soup!

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