Quilt o’the Day: Winter Stars

As with most of the quilts in my book, Quilt Batik!, this quilt started with a fabulous batik! This one was navy blue with a groovy tree print. I actually got it on sale, to make things even better!

Of all the quilts in the book, this one was the most fussy to construct. (I’m not sure if it was difficult, exactly, just fussy.) First I started with 4 different star blocks, with the navy blue as the background. I didn’t want to cut the pretty, blue batik too much, so I left some blank squares to just see the pattern of the fabric.

For the sashing, I wanted little stars in each corner, which meant a lot of half-square triangles. I mean A LOT! I wanted the star point detail to continue into the border, which I think makes it look extra cute!

Finally, the tree batik for the border. I hope you like it! And, don’t be intimidated by the fussiness! It’s not hard, just time consuming, so give it a try in your favorite fabrics!

Winter Stars quilt

Winter Stars quilt from my book, Quilt Batik!

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