Quilt o’the Day: The Name Game

Today’s quilt, The Name Game, started quite some time ago! My daughter, Natalie, wanted to get some fabric for me to make her a quilt. She was a lot younger then! (She is 19 now.) So she picked out the darling prints that I used in this quilt. She was also in love with Minkee and wanted that in it too.

The Name Game quilt

I had wanted to use Minkee in the piecing of a quilt, so I was ready to give it a try. Folks, never, NEVER try this at home! (Just kidding.) It was quite touchy to piece with. I was really happy that the main piecing was with the cotton prints. Minkee is so stretchy, and it was a definite challenge. I used the bumpy Minkee for the blocks in the quilt.

I appliquéd x’s and o’s on the cotton print blocks so she’d know I love her. I wanted to put Nat’s name on the quilt, too, so I added a fun appliqué block at the bottom of the quilt.

I always like something different for the borders, so I added angled corners with appliqué on opposite corners of the quilt. I know you can’t see from the photo, but I quilted her name and her nicknames in the border of the quilt. I also used plain Minkee on the back which makes it SO soft! She loves her quilt, even now, and I was happy with how it turned out.

The Name Game quilt

The Name Game quilt by Cheryl Brown ©2015 QuilterChic.

I hope you like the result! You can get your own pattern now available in the Quilt Shop.

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