Quilt o’the Day: Tangerine Summers

Today’s quilt, Tangerine Summers, started as an experiment. I wanted to explore the contrast of lime green and orange. So, I started collecting fat quarters, which is always the easy part!

I knew I wanted to maximize the contrast of the green and orange, so I finally came up with the blocks, that would easily alternate to always have a green next to an orange.

Then came the actual task of making the quilt! There are A LOT of half-square triangles on this quilt. I mean, A LOT! I like the paper products for making them, either Thangles or Triangles on a Roll. They are much easier that way. Then in the evenings I would remove the paper from the back! That’s not too much of a trade-off, but there are A LOT of them. (If I hadn’t mentioned it before.)

There are 2 of each block in the quilt, as I made them in pairs. I had to un-sew (unpick) several seams, because there are 2 directions of half-square triangle rows on each block, which I learned the hard way. If you ever make this quilt, make sure to set them up just like the picture, and you won’t have that problem! I made the mistakes for you! Wasn’t that kind of me?

At some point I had picked up the fabulous striped batik, and I knew it had finally found it’s home as the border to this quilt. It’s one of those batiks that I just want to pet, because it’s so pretty! I added a little corner detail to have “floating” triangles on the outside corners, and the quilt was done!

Now, you’ll notice that the greens didn’t end up all lime green, and the oranges are fairly diverse, also, but I thought it added to the overall look of the quilt. Finally, a fitting name, Tangerine Summers, because it looks yummy enough to eat, and very summery, and another quilt was born! It also made the cover of Quilt Batik!, which made for a very colorful book.

Tangerine Summers quilt

Tangerine Summers quilt from Quilt Batik! ©2012 That Patchwork Place/Cheryl Brown

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