Quilt o’the Day: Simply Irresistible

This quilt, Simply Irresistible, has an interesting and LONG history! It all started several years ago, when I worked at a quilt shop. I had a couple of teaching experiences, where people got upset because they thought they owned the patterns I was teaching. (They didn’t, by the way…) I got mad, though, and decided I was never teaching anything again that I didn’t design myself! I should thank those people now, because that’s how I started designing!

One of my first designs was Simply Toile, the first version of this quilt. When I made the quilt, I wanted an additional border, but didn’t have enough fabric, so I settled for this quilt:

Quilt, Simply Toile

First version: Simply Toile

When I sent my first proposal to Martingale & Co. for a book I included this quilt, but they thought it was a bit too traditional for the feel of the rest of the quilts. So, I remade the quilt using batiks. I had a gorgeous orange and pink-ish batik and a wonderful raspberry colored one for the sashing and borders. I added on the extra border on this one, and I re-named it Simply Tahiti and added it to the manuscript for my book, Fresh and Fabulous Quilts. During the editing phase of that book the page count was too high, so they decided to cut that quilt.

Quilt: Simply Tahiti

2nd version: Simply Tahiti

Fast forward a couple of years when I started working on a proposal for Quilt Batik! Since this was a completed quilt, I included it in the proposal. They felt it was a little bit boring, but thought maybe if I used a different batik in each of the large squares it would be more interesting. So, here came re-make number three! I decided to sash and border in black, and altered the outside border once again so that it would have the “floating” squares in the corners. At this point I swore I’d never make this  pattern again! I was so sick of it. Sometime between iterations 2 & 3 I started naming quilts after song titles. So, Simply Irresistible was born! (A Robert Palmer song, if you don’t know it.)

Simply Irresistible quilt from Quilt Batik!

Final version: Simply Irresistible from Quilt Batik! ©2012 That Patchwork Place/Cheryl Brown

It finally made it into a publication, after three tries, and I was really happy with how it turned out. It was a long and tedious process, but isn’t that how life is, too? Just a little quilting life lesson!

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