Quilt o’the Day: September

Today I’m highlighting the quilt September from my book Quilt Batik! September started as the fabulous print batik that I used in the large squares. It came into the quilt shop when I was working there, and I knew I had to have some of it.

I wanted some of the motifs to be the same as the fabric, so I designed the little flower. My talented husband, Neil, had made a bunch of leaves just for the heck of it, and I modified three different leaves from his illustrations. I made the stems embroidery, and, voila! I had my appliqué motifs!

Then I appliquéd the motifs onto a great batik background, and added them into the 4-square units.

I was on a quilting retreat when I was bordering the quilt, and my friend, Mary, said she thought the piano key border needed to be scalloped. So, after quilting, I cut the scallops leaving the corners square. I love the result of this quilt! It makes me happy, and is a nice, bright autumn quilt.

If you’d like to purchase my quilt, click the Amazon link in the sidebar! Happy quilting!

September quilt from Quilt Batik!

“September” from “Quilt Batik!” by Cheryl Brown ©2012 That Patchwork Place/Cheryl Brown

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