Quilt o’the Day: Reverse Psychology

My Quilt o’the Day is Reverse Psychology! This quilt has a simple story, really. When I worked at the quilt shop we had these wonderful black and white batiks come in. I loved how the two looked almost like the opposite of each other. I bought pieces of both, which promptly sat in my stash for a long while!

When I started designing quilts for my book, Quilt Batik!, I knew I wanted blocks that played on the reverse of the blacks and whites, but it really needed something else. That’s when I pulled out some gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics I had purchased in lime greens and yellows. I put the tiny squares in the center of each block, but that didn’t seem like enough color, so I arranged the greens and yellows according to hue and then made my inner border following the dark-to-light-and-back motif. (Yes, I made that up.)

Finally, an outer border that used both black and white pieces, which slices through the quilt. I loved the result, although it really looks better at a distance than close up. (You could give yourself seizures if you’re too close!) Then I made bias binding from the remainder of the pieces from the inner border, so the binding also goes through the dark to lights.

I wanted to name it Lime something, but there was also a lot of yellow, so I finally settled with Reverse Psychology! You can see it in my book, Quilt Batik!, which you can purchase in the sidebar, or at your local quilt shop.

Reverse Psychology quilt from Quilt Batik!

Reverse Psychology from Quilt Batik! ©2012 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place.

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