Quilt o’the Day: Purple Daze

First of all, I have a bunch of quilts in my latest book that start with a “P”. Not sure why that is, but here’s another one called Purple Daze.

I’ve always loved the Ohio Star block, and I loved the idea of a “double” Ohio Star, with a small star as the center of a larger star. So, this quilt seemed like the perfect opportunity! I had a bali pop (or jelly roll, depending on the manufacturer) of these wonderful jewel toned batiks. I also had a fabulous piece of purple batik, that was made using a specialized technique that involves using actual plants or leaves to create subtle botanical prints. The pieces of greenery are placed on the fabric during the drying process to produce areas that are lighter in color.

I decided to surround the stars with square-in-square blocks, and then I tried to alternate the blocks so that a lighter block was next to a darker block.

Lastly, I wanted to repeat the points of the stars in the borders, so I ended each border with a flying geese unit, which sort of makes it look like banners.

This quilt was actually a lot of fun to design and make, and I was happy with the result! You’ll have to draw your own conclusion!

Purple Daze quilt from the book Quilt Batik!

Purple Daze quilt from Quilt Batik! ©2012 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place. Photo by Brent Kane

(To purchase Quilt Batik! click the link to the right.)

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