Quilt o’the Day: Paradise Winds

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that I worked in a quilt shop for a number of years, until it closed in 2008. Today’s quilt story starts there. My friend, Mary, and I used to love making kits. It gave us the joy of choosing quilt fabric without actually having to pay for it! We were especially happy when we were making batik kits, because we’re both batik lovers. (I know… you couldn’t guess that.)

One day this gorgeous purple/teal/green batik came in and we were in heaven! Soon after, when we were making kits, I put these fabrics together into a kit with a different pattern. Now, when kits would sit around for too long, Mary and I would feel sorry for them and decide they needed to come home with us after all! Especially our beloved batik kits, because we loved them so much!

At some point this kit had to come and live with me so that it would know it was loved. It sat around for a few months, and when I had my proposal accepted for Quilt Batik! I decided to come up with a new pattern for these fabrics. I had to figure out how to make the quilt with the yardage that had been cut for a different pattern, and it had six (I think) fat quarters. So, I knew I had to make it fat quarter friendly! I also wanted to make it simple, as I like to have a variety of difficulty levels in my books.

Luckily, it all worked out, and I had enough of the green and swirly batiks for sashing and borders. I love these colors together! In fact, it is probably my favorite color combination, if I really had to choose one! The main and border fabric reminded me of swirly winds, so I named it Paradise Winds!

Paradise Winds quilt by Cheryl Brown

Paradise Winds from Quilt Batik! ©2012 That Patchwork Place/Cheryl Brown. Photo by Brent Kane.

I hope you like it! It would be lovely in many other color combinations, even in printed cottons. So, if you need an easy quilt, I hope you’ll try Paradise Winds! To purchase Quilt Batik! see the link to the right.

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