Quilt o’the Day – Power to the People

This is the last Quilt o’the Day entry from my book Quilt Batik! I saved it for last for a reason, which I’ll explain. This quilt is lots of fun, and uses my beloved, bright batiks.

I’ve always loved the churn dash block, but I’ve usually seen it in something traditional like this:

Churn Dash quilt

Churn Dash quilt by Amy Smart of We All Sew.

Well, I wanted to make it wonky, and more contemporary. So I made a paper-pieced pattern for it. Then, I thought the in-between blocks needed to be something special, so I made a wonky triple square pattern, also paper-pieced. This required paper-pieced patterns for the setting triangles and corner triangles as well. Then, there are four little squares in the corners of the borders.

All was good and well, as I sent my manuscript off to the publisher, Martingale & Co. Publishing is a very interesting process, and this book was no exception. They have a projected page count that they don’t want to exceed. So, I was told that I either needed to re-write the instructions to Power, or they would have to cut some other patterns. Mainly, my Night and Day quilt, which I really didn’t want to cut.

So, I had to totally re-write the instructions, using wonky cutting techniques instead of paper piecing templates! It was the hardest write I’ve ever had to do! It was hard to totally re-create the instructions, and try to get things to match up! The written instructions make a quilt that is much more randomly pieced than my quilt, and would have points that are cut off at times, but Martingale included directions to their website to download the paper-pieced templates if you would rather.

I love this quilt, but it was definitely the one that gave me the most grief in the book! I hope you like it.

Power to the People quilt

Power to the People quilt from Quilt Batik! ©2012 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place. Photo by Brent Kane.

You can purchase my book through Martingale & Co., or Amazon, or look for it at your local quilt shop.

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