Quilt o’the Day: Pink of Perfection

Today’s featured quilt is Pink of Perfection. It is in my book, Quilt Batik! This quilt started, as many of my batik quilts do, with a little shopping trip!

My quilting friends and I were returning home from a wonderful retreat at our friend, Jerrie’s, house at Bear Lake, Idaho. If you’re not familiar, it’s a gorgeous location on a beautiful lake.

We had a wonderful time there, and wanted to stop at a quilt store in Preston, Idaho called Suppose Quilt Boutique on the way home. This required us to take a different way home than we would have otherwise.

It was totally worth the trip! There, in little Preston, ID, was a beautiful array of batiks! Gorgeous ones that I hadn’t seen before! I was in batik heaven. (For me, that’s a really happy place!) I saw this fabulous pink/red/burgundy batik, and fell in love with it immediately! I bought a couple of companion pieces, like the pink center squares, and then had to figure out a project.

Pink of Perfection quilt

Pink of Perfection quilt from Quilt Batik! ©2012 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place.

The pattern came about as an adaptation of my quilt, Fruit Basket, from my book, Fresh and Fabulous Quilts. For this quilt, however, I set the blocks on point, so that there was more of the focus batik to see. I was quite pleased with the result, and finished with a burgundy stop (inner) border and more of the pink on the outside.

Fruit Basket quilt

Fruit Basket quilt from Fresh and Fabulous Quilts ©2008 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place

It is actually a pretty easy quilt to construct, and I hope you like it! It would be wonderful in any combination of a great focus fabric and companions. Send me some pics, if you make this! I love to see my designs in different fabrics!

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