Quilt o’the Day: It’s Hip to Be Square

When I was designing quilts for my book, Quilt Batik!, I wanted to cover a lot of different types of color combinations. I designed this one, It’s Hip to Be Square, in a jewel-tone range of colors. There are so many gorgeous batiks out there that fall into this category, and they all seem to go with each other somehow!

For this quilt, I wanted big squares, but with a rectangle, square, or two squares in each big square. I also wanted the quilt to be self-bordering, so I bordered each block with the jewel-tone batiks so that they could be turned around and seams wouldn’t run run into each other.

It's Hip to Be Square quilt from Quilt Batik!

It’s Hip to Be Square quilt from Quilt Batik! ©2012 Cheryl Brown/That Patchwork Place. Photo by Brent Kane.

It’s Hip to Be Square is a pretty easy sew, and could be used with numerous different fabrics! I’d love to see it in a more traditional print fabric. So, if you’ve made this quilt, or will be soon, send me a picture! (I’d love any photos you might have of any of my designs you’ve made!)

To purchase Quilt Batik! click on the link to the right, or go to the publisher’s site, Martingale & Co.

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