Quilt o’the Day: Color My World

I owe this fun quilt idea to┬ámy friend, Shelley. In my church, children are baptized at 8 years old. Shelley has the tradition of having the child draw art work on fabric, which is then embroidered by her and other relatives. She has had me quilt several of these quilts, and they are absolutely darling! There is something magical about children’s artwork; it is so free and uncontrolled.

For Color My World, I decided to just have the children color with crayons on the picture blocks, although you could always use Shelley’s idea and have them draw with pencil and embroider the pictures. For my color blocks, I have neighbors that are twins, Ellie and Miles. They happily colored the pictures for me, and then, between designing the blocks, putting the quilts together, quilting them, photographing them, and everything in between, it was a couple of years before they received their quilts!

The blocks are surrounded in a log-cabin style, and I kept the focus fabric nice and large to make assembly super easy! Here are pics of the quilts, and a one with the cute kids! (Although, I must tell you, they’ve grown a lot since the photo was taken!)

Color My World quilt pattern: Ellie

Ellie’s quilt

Color My World quilt pattern: Miles

Miles’ quilt

Color My World Quilt Pattern

Miles and Ellie with their quilts.

The Color My World quilt pattern is available in my quilt shop! Hope you like it.

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