Quilting Rulers and Mats

Yes, we’ve all heard the advice to measure twice and cut once. We all know we should, yet we all sometimes cut wrong anyway! Some of the most important quilting tools are our cutting rulers and mats. The easier they are to use, the better the results and the more accurate we can be.

Of course, the most basic of quilt making rulers is the rectangular ruler. I like ones that are around 6″ x 12″. You can really make about anything with that one ruler, but there are always many different “specialty” rulers you can get, too.

One of my favorite ruler companies is Creative Grids. Their rulers are truly non-slip, with the grippers embedded in the ruler so they never come off. They really do hold well, and they are easy to read, with black & white markings. They have a large variety of different types of rulers for all kinds of different techniques. My favorite “specialty” ruler is the 2 Peaks in 1 Multi-Size Triangle. This is for making triangles with a ratio of 2 to 1. I have a different set that is two rulers, but I like that this one is all in one.

Creative Grids quilting rulers

Rectangular ruler and 2 Peaks in 1 Triangle ruler from Creative Grids.

One of the staples of the quilting world is Omnigrid. They make rulers and mats, and have a large variety of sizes and specialty rulers, also. I like the neon green highlights on their markings that make it easy to see on light or dark fabric. Their rulers also come with a non-slip backing.

Omnigrid quilting rulers and mats

Square ruler and cutting mats from Omnigrid.

Another company is Quilter’s Rule. They have a variety of different rulers, and are printed black. They have a non-slip surface.

Quilting rulers from Quilter's Rule

Square and Equilateral Triangle rulers from Quilter’s Rule.

As far as mats go, Fiskars makes a great cutting mat with accurate markings, and it comes in groovy colors like these two:

Fiskars quilting cutting mats

Cutting mats from Fiskars.

Gingher also makes a mat, as well as fabulous rotary cutters and scissors.

Gingher quilting cutting mat

Cutting Mat from Gingher.

Hope this helps on your quest for the perfect quilting ruler! We all have more than we need, and we all want to buy more, so happy purchases!

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