How to Channel Your Love of the Ocean in your “In My Neighborhood” Quilt

Inside: Our Quilt-Along continues with row 7 from Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs

I love the ocean. I love being by it, in it or under it! 2 years ago my husband and I learned to scuba dive. I’m not good at it, and I’m always a little nervous, but once I’m doing it, it’s magical under there!

Last March we went diving, and I was having problems getting under and staying down. This isn’t new for me, but it was especially difficult. The dive master kept adding more and more weight to keep my down. Why was I having so many problems?

Row 7 celebrates the ocean with adorable seaside cottages! I should live here! Scrappy Seaside Town is brought to us by Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs.

In My Neighborhood Quilt-Along Row 7

Scrappy Seaside Town, Row 7 of In My Neighborhood by Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs.

I loved appliquéing these cute houses, and as you can see, I’m not quite done. (Again…)

In My Neighborhood Quilt-Along Row 7

Scrappy Seaside Town, row 7 of In My Neighborhood designed by Sandra Healy. Made by Cheryl Brown.

Here is some info about Sandra in her own words:

“I have sewn since I was a child and for several years I ran an on-line company creating personalised, bespoke cushions and other gift items.  Business was booming but design was my true love and I took the plunge and founded Sandra Healy Designs in September 2016.  Since then I have released eight patterns which you can find on my online shop and also in various other locations around the web.

I love quick, scrappy patterns and use a lot of fast machine appliqué in my designs. I adore colour, which I put down to an over-exposure to magnolia paint as an impressionable young child, and design whimsical, playful projects where you can let your creativity shine.  I detail my inspirations and my forthcoming designs on my blog.

My first published pattern is coming out in The Quilt Pattern Magazine in January 2018.

I’d love to have you joining along with my quilty adventures on my Facebook page or my Instagram account.  You’ll also find me on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy this Scrappy Seaside Town Row!”

Here is the pattern for Row 7.

In my scuba adventure, when I surfaced the dive master on the boat said my vest was self-inflating. Well, no wonder I couldn’t stay down! The 2nd dive that day was spectacular! (And no problems staying down, either!)

So swimming, snorkeling or scuba-ing, enjoy this adorable row!






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