Here’s a Quick Free Christmas Pattern

My dad decided to grow his own Christmas trees. This was fabulous for a couple of years until the trees were bigger than the family room!

I love Christmas trees, and if you do too, you’ll love this free pattern. It is called Gather Around the Christmas Tree and brings all the fun of the holidays with a funky tree and ornaments.

Instructions included for:

  • Hooked rug
  • Appliquéd pillow
  • Needle-punch
Gather Around the Christmas Tree patterns

Gather Around the Christmas Tree ©QuilterChic

You can download the pattern and template to make your own tree! Enjoy this Christmas gift from me!

So dad had to cut the bottom AND the top of the tree to get it to fit in the room! We decorated it, laughed at it and, luckily, photographed it. You’ve got to love my brother’s big feet in the photo.

Christmas 1973, Daines household

Christmas 1973, Daines household

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