Hanukkah Quilts

I didn’t ¬†want to leave out my Jewish friends, so I decided to share some beautiful Hanukkah quilts! When I was anticipating this post, an article on Hanukkah came out in the local paper. So, I’ll also share some things I learned about the “Festival of Lights.” (Quotes from the Deseret News, Saturday, December 5, 2015 by Marjorie Cortez.)

I love the lovely “blue-ness” of these Hanukkah quilts! It’s so pretty and fun.

This first darling quilt is so cute with its snowmen menorah!

Hanukkah quilt

Snowman Menorah Wall Quilt from jubilee8 on Etsy.

Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights because of a miracle that occurred for the Jewish people.

“‘A brave, small group of Jewish soldiers named the Maccabees banded together, and they waged war with an army that was literally thousands of times more powerful than them. God performed an incredible miracle, and this small group of merry men defeated what at that time was the most powerful army on Earth,’ explains Rabbi Avremi Zippel, program director of Chabad Lubavitch of Utah, a branch of the world’s largest Jewish outreach movement.”

Here’s another menorah themed quilt. I love the modern look of this.

Hanukkah quilt

Happy Chanukah & Nickel Quilts by The Calico Cat.

I wondered why it is called Hanukkah at times and Chanukah at times. Apparently, the Ch spelling is more old school, and the Hanukkah spelling is the most popular American spelling right now. However, both are correct. It has something to do with translating Hebrew words into English.

I love this next quilt. I’m not entirely sure if it’s for Hanukkah or Shabbat, but it does have the symbols of the Hanukkah menorah and the driedel. I have a Shabbat (Sabbath) menorah I got in Israel many years ago. It has 7 candle holders, where the Hanukkah menorah has 9. I learned while there that you say “Shalom” during the week, and “Shabbat Shalom” on the Sabbath.

Hanukkah quilt

Judaic African Collage by Leora Raikin.

More from the paper: “Upon recapturing their temple, the Jewish people prepared to rededicate it. However, the Syrian-Greek army had desecrated and defiled the oils prepared for the lighting of the menorah, part of the daily service in the temple.

“Only one jar of undefiled oil could be found, which was enough to burn just one day. Miraculously, it lasted for eight days until new, pure olive oil could be produced, Rabbi Zippel said.”

This is a lovely driedel table runner: (The driedel is used to play a game during Hanukkah.)

Hanukkah quilt

Chanukah Table Runner from Joyful Jewish blog.

“‘In Jewish law, there’s a discussion that one of the beautiful concepts of Hanukkah is that of spreading awareness of the miracle. As a sigh of our thanksgiving, being grateful and appreciating our God for the incredible miracles that he performed for us, there’s a concept of taking that message out to the streets, making the message as public as possible, involving as many Jews as possible, involving as many people as possible, to spread that message of thanksgiving and appreciation,’ [Zippel] said.”

I hope I helped my Jewish friends do just that; spread the message of Hanukkah!

Here’s another beautiful menorah quilt:

Hanukkah quilt

Light the Darkness wall hanging. (couldn’t find the credit on this one.)

Here’s a beautiful table runner:

Hanukkah quilt

Nights of Light from Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2013.

I love this Star of David quilt! (A Star of David is a 6 pointed star. Usually it is two triangles intertwined.)

Hanukkah quilt

Star Quilt from Red Shoe Ramblings blog.

And this lovely Star of David quilt:

Hanukkah quilts

Star on White by Richard Caro, seen at Hand Eye Magazine 2010.

One last photo today, which made me laugh and be amazed at the same time. It goes with the concept of sharing the Hanukkah story!

zebra pic

from Joyful Jewish blog

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Hanukkah, and hopefully, like me, you learned something new!



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