Fun Halloween Quilts!

With Halloween in a couple of days, I thought it would be fun to see some Halloween quilts! I have only had one Halloween quilt until this year. It is a cute wallhanging with a witch. I would credit the designer, but I’ve had it so long I don’t know who designed it! It might have been in a magazine, if I remember right.

Halloween quilt by Cheryl Brown

This year, I finally finished a quilt I’ll show you at the end. 😉 In the meantime, I found these fun quilts:

I’ve always loved Amy Bradley, and this cute quilt shows all of her fun style!

Halloween quilt by Amy Bradley

Happy Halloween by Jennifer of theQuiltedCat, designed by Amy Bradley.

Here’s a scenic quilt, that was modified from another design. I love the creativity of changing things up!

Halloween quilt by Chris's Quilting Universe

Trick or Treat quilt by Chris of Chris’s Quilting Universe; modified from an original design by Harriet M. Wyant.

This one is an original design with a darling, little witch.

Halloween quilt by Ruth Bourke

Witch on Broomstick by Ruth Bourke.

The next one is from Kimberbell Designs, and is shown in two different color ways.

Halloween quilt by Kimberbell Designs

Home is Where the Haunt Is by Kimberbell Designs.

Here are two blocks from a Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt. I love these! (But then, I love appliqué!)

Halloween quilt by Nikki of Nikki in Stitches

Baltimore Style Halloween Quilt by Nikki of Nikki, in Stitches, designed by P3 Designs. (I think.)

One of my favorite design houses is Crabapple Hill Studio. They specialize in embroidery patterns. Way. Cute. Embroidery patterns! Here is one of their current patterns. It is going to be presented in 4 pieces, and this one is the first.

Halloween quilt by Crabapple Hill Studio

The Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild Panel 1 by Crabapple Hill Studio.

I made their witches hat a few years ago, and I love it so much!

Halloween Hat by Cheryl Brown

Zelda’s Fancy Hat by Cheryl Brown. Designed by Crabapple Hill Studio.

So, the quilt I finally got finished this year is Hocuspocusville. Here is Crabapple Hill’s version:

Halloween quilt by Crabapple Hill Studio

Hocuspocusville by Crabapple Hill Studio.

It took me quite a while to embroider the blocks, and I used a brighter color way. I finally got it quilted and bound, so here is my version:

Halloween quilt by Cheryl Brown

Hocuspocusville by Cheryl Brown, designed by Crabapple Hill Studio.

Sorry about the photo quality. Here is a close-up shot of the quilt:

Halloween quilt by Cheryl Brown

Close-up of Hocuspocusville by Cheryl Brown, designed by Crabapple Hill Studio.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Halloween quilts! I’m so happy to finally have two Halloween quilts! I think I had better make some more, though!

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