Quilting Rulers: Flying Geese x 4

I love flying geese quilts. They are so beautiful, but flying geese can be a pain to construct! Enter the Flying Geese x 4 “No Math” Ruler! I love this ruler. It is from Lazy Girl Designs, and it is one of the most used specialty rulers in my collection.

Flying Geese Quilt


The concept is simple: one large square, and 4 small squares, and you get 4 flying geese units with no waste. You also don’t have to mess with sewing previously cut triangles to the edges and hoping for the best! These end up much more accurate without stretch. Here is the basic method:

Flying geese quilting ruler

Flying Geese x 4 ruler from Lazy Girl Designs.

Just as an FYI, flying geese units are always twice as wide as they are tall. For instance, 2″ x 4″, or 3″ x 6″. If you have flying geese units larger than the ruler provides, (3 1/2″ x  7″) the formula for the large square is to add 1 1/4″ to the width, and for the (4) small square, add 7/8″ to the height. Example: for a 6″ x 12″ finished flying geese unit, your large square would be 13 1/4″, and your 4 small squares would be 6 7/8″.

So, fear no more! Go for those flying geese quilts, and use this great ruler!

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