Fat Quarter Shop – Coffee Koozie

One of my great sponsors, Fat Quarter Shop, invited some bloggers to make their Coffee Koozie! It’s a cute little wrap that goes around your coffee cups to keep from burning your hands.

They have a fabulous video showing how to make the koozie, and the free, downloadable pattern is available, too.

It all starts with a mini-charm pack. (These are the 2 1/2″ square packs.) I had this cute one in my stash.

Fabric for Coffee Koozie

Next, you sew the charms into 6 sets of 2 blocks each. Then sew the rows together onto a thin batting.

Sew fabric together

Next, you use the template to cut the unit of squares and the thin batting.


Then, sew right sides together to a backing fabric, following the template shape,putting a hair tie-back on the side to be the button holder, and leaving an opening to turn the piece.


Next, you turn.

Turned piece

Then,do a topstitch all the way around, catching the un-sewn edge to finish closing it.

Topstitch finish

Last, position the button and sew in place by machine or hand.

Button and finish

Last, go purchase your favorite coffee or hot cocoa and enjoy in style! I love mine, although I’ll have to wait a little while to get the hot cocoa. (Unless today is any indication, since it’s raining and feels like fall!)

Finished Koozie

Fat Quarter Shop also has all their mini charm packs on sale for 20% off until August 31, so hop on over and enjoy a fun, free pattern!


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