Fantastic Row 5 of In My Neighborhood is Extra Cute!

My neighbor said she didn’t have any quilts. I couldn’t imagine it! How could a home not have a single quilt in it?

Home Is Quilts is the name of row 5 of the In My Neighborhood quilt along, and it is fantastic! I love it, with the fence and the quilts. It was designed by Jennifer Fulton of The Inquiring Quilter.

Quilt row by Jennifer Fulton

Home is Quilts row for In My Neighborhood, by Jennifer Fulton of The Inquiring Quilter

Here’s more about Jennifer:

Jennifer Fulton is a professional writer and editor who has written tons of books about computers, computer programs, digital photography, and lots of other technical stuff.

After Jennifer got the chance to write a book on quilting, she decided she liked designing quilts and creating quilt patterns. So she started her blog, The Inquiring Quilter, to share her love of quilting and quilt designs.

Now Jennifer not only designs quilt patterns that she shares on her blog and sells in her shop, but she also designs quilt patterns for leading fabric manufacturers such as Windham Fabrics, RJR Fabrics, and Quilting Treasures. In addition, Jennifer is an Island Batik Ambassador so each month she creates a new design to feature their wonderful batiks.

To build that quilty community she loves, Jennifer hosts a weekly link up called Wednesday Wait Loss that’s just right for sharing your works in progress, and a special group on Facebook where you can share your ongoing projects and quilt finishes anytime.

If you enjoy seeing new fabrics and fresh quilt designs, quilt alongs and an occasional chance to win a fabric bundle, small giftable, or a quilt pattern, The Inquiring Quilter is the right place to be! Just be sure to follow Jennifer so you get updates whenever she posts.

Here’s my version of the row: (As you can see, I didn’t get the appliqué done.)

Quilt Along- In My Neighborhood Row, Home is Quilts

Home is Quilts row for In My Neighborhood, designed by Jennifer Fulton, made by Cheryl Brown.

As always, you can download the pdf, and get making these tiny, gorgeous quilts!

I gave the neighbor a quilt because every home needs a quilt! She was so happy to have one, and my quilt went to a good home!

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