Chart of Quilt Block Sizes when set “on point” (Diagonally)

This is a companion post to Tutorial for Setting Quilts “On Point”, from a couple of months ago. In that post I talked about how to set quilts “on point,” which is to set them on the diagonal, as seen in my quilt, Counting Sheep.

Counting Sheep quilt

Counting Sheep from Fresh and Fabulous Quilts ©2008 That Patchwork Place/Cheryl Brown

Sometimes you need to know the measurement of a block set “on point” if you’re designing a quilt, or setting one differently from the pattern. Here is a simple chart that shows the diagonal measurement of a block:

Diagonal chart

Click to download a printable version of this chart.

There are math ways to figure this out, too, if your block is smaller or larger than the chart. There are two methods. The first is to multiply the block size by 1.414235, and then round. For example: If your block is 12 1/2″ square, you multiply 12.5 x 1.414235 = 17.6779, and round to 17 3/4″.

The second method is to divide the block size by 2.4, and then add the block size to the result. For example: If your block is 12 1/2″ square, you would use the following formula:

Block size (12.5) ÷ 2.4 = 5.21; Then: 5.21 + Block size (12.5)= 17.71; round to 17 3/4″.

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