Quilt Designer Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s Quilts

I want to introduce you to a terrific local quilt designer, Emily Bailey! Emily is the owner and creator of Aunt Em’s Quilts. By local designer, I mean really local! She lives in the same town I do, Centerville, UT. Funny additional story: She lives in a home I used to own! (She fixed it up way nicer than when we owned it, though!)

Emily does a lot of great designs for scrap quilting, as well as other quilts. I first met her when she would come in to the quilt store where I worked. She has a web site that is very fun to look through, and also runs a blog, Em’s Scrapbag. Check it out! She has some fabulous tutorials that she calls “Method to my Madness”. (Girl after my own heart!)

Emily has recently been published in Fons & Porters new Scrap Quilts magazine. She has two quilts in this issue, and here are photos of those:

Quilts from Aunt Em's Quilts

Here are some of Emily’s other quilts:

Quilts from Aunt Em's Quilts

“Sunshine” and “Treasures” by Aunt Em’s Quilts

Quilts from Aunt Em's Quilts

“Let’s Go Dutch” and “Harvest Sky” by Aunt Em’s Quilts

Quilts from Aunt Em's Quilts

“This and That” and “Baskin’ in the Daisies” by Aunt Em’s Quilts

So look for Aunt Em’s patterns in your local quilt shop, or request that they get them!



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