Are you Ready for a Stash Box and a New Pattern?

Do you remember your first kiss? Mine was, well,  interesting. I worked at a private fishing club on the Snake River in Idaho the summer I was 19. I was feeling like a loser that I was 19 and had never been kissed. (Maybe I was!)

One day, two guys and a girl that worked at another club came over. They were looking for a date for the one guy. They wanted either my co-worker or me to go with him, and they wanted us to decide which one of us would go. We didn’t want to decide, so we did rock/paper/scissors. I was the “winner.”

We went to a play, and when he brought me back, he leaned in for the kiss. I let him do it because I just wanted to get that “first kiss” over with! We sort of missed, bumping dry lips against dry lips, and it was completely embarrassing. To this day I don’t even remember the dude’s name! Luckily, kissing got better after that.

With kissing in mind, I’m letting you in on a surprise!

I posted about Stash Builder Box last summer (please read, if you haven’t), the stash box with a cause. February’s box is featuring my new pattern, Kiss Me Red.

Quilt Pattern for Stash Builder Box

Kiss Me Red quilt pattern ©2017 QuilterChic, exclusive for Stash Builder Box.

You’re going to love this pattern, and it is super easy, with 12 fat quarters and a background fabric. Oh, and your box comes with all other sorts of goodies, too, including three 1-yard cuts of fabric from a new fabric collection and some fabulous thread.

The February box is available to order now through Feb. 14, so get on over to Stash Builder Box and pre-order February’s box!

Think of it as a kiss to yourself! Hopefully a good one!

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