A few Antique Quilts I like

I love antique quilts! They are so beautiful, and have their own special place in the quilting journey. I’m always amazed at the detail and difficult patterns that early quilters put together. That’s not to mention the gorgeous hand quilting that used to be the only way to do a quilt!

I remember in the 70’s my mom having two antique quilts, and she didn’t realize the value of them. (Neither did I, for that matter.) I think one was either a Dresden plate, or Grandmother’s Fan. I can’t remember what the other one was. Unfortunately, my mom used them as “batting” and covered them up and tied them! I know! It makes me so sad now! I’d love to have them. But, it was a pretty common practice in the 70’s!

Anyway, here are some gorgeous, antique quilts for you to enjoy:

These are so cool. The appliqué is amazing, and the piecing on the second one is awesome!

Antique quilts

Antique quilt from Pat Sloan’s Blog and Suspension Bridge quilt from museum quilts.com.

Just look at the borders on these next two! They are both way cool!

Antique quilts

Lemon Peel quilt from 1stdibs.com and Honeycomb quilt from The Museum of Mississippi History.

These basket are absolutely stunning! I’d love to make a modern one. (Future project…) And the double wedding ring is fabulous, too.

Antique quilts

Miniature Baskets quilt from 1stdibs.com and Wedding Ring quilt from linpiration on Craftsy.com

I’m out of adjectives for these two! Again, the piecing is amazing!

Antique quilts

Pinwheels quilt from Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Rose of Sharon quilt from Sandra Starley’s personal collection.

I hope you enjoyed this small, historical journey of quilting!

By the way, my winner from my last post was Diane S. Congrats on your book! I appreciated all your comments, and I’ll try to incorporate your ideas in my upcoming posts. Thanks, readers!


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