Americana Quilts

Happy Independence Day, everyone! (Well, American everyones.) For the 4th of July I thought I would post some gorgeous Americana quilts. I always love red, white and blue quilts. They are so pretty and fun. Whether you are an American or not, you can enjoy the beauty of these fun quilts!

This quilt is so pretty, and I love the border. It is from a Fons and Porter book, but I was not able to find which one.

Americana Quilt

Americana quilt from Fons & Porter.

I love this fun quilt, with it’s stars all around! So pretty! It’s from this book from Martingale & Co.

Americana quilt

Americana from Red, White, and Sometimes Blue – Classics from McCall’s Quilting.

I love, love, love this mariner’s compass quilt! Although not technically an Americana quilt, the colors lend themselves to being used as such, and it was too pretty to pass up.

Americana quilt

Moral Compass by Rachel Metzler.

This quilt is so pretty with the stars, and reverse stars in the border. I want one!

Americana quilt

Star Celebration by Alex Anderson.

This beautiful star is an antique quilt. I couldn’t find a credit. Isn’t it great, though?

Americana quilt

And this gorgeous flag-themed quilt. So much movement!

Americana Quilt

Stars and Stripes by Renee Chesnut.

Here are my Americana quilts. First is my appliqué quilt, which I have on my bed during July.

Americana quilt

Celebration of American Life quilt by Cheryl Brown; from the book by Barb Adams and Alma Allen.

And then a cute table topper, which I made at a quilt class many years ago. The embroidery is “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Americana quilt

Table topper by Cheryl Brown.

Hope you enjoyed this little patriotic trip through quilts!


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