A few favorite Scrappy Quilts

Scrappy quilts are something I’m not very good at. I’ll admit it. I like to match colors and pick out things that go together. About the only scrappy I do are simple charity quilts. However, when I see gorgeous scrappy quilts, I love them, and I want to be able to do them! Sigh. Maybe someday.

Here are some fabulous scrappy quilts, the ones that make me drool and want more! This first one is truly in the scrappy category! It is scrappy on steroids!

Scrappy Quilt by Jeanine Kelsey

Scrappy Quilt by Jeanine Kelsey, quilted by Palma Davis.

This one is a more planned-looking quilt. Very lovely colors together!

Sandy's Scrappy Stars quilt

Sandy’s Scrappy Stars by Sandy M., quilted by Katherine Waterson.

I love the name of the next quilt, (check below) and the only purchased fabric was the black and blue.

Technicolor Yawn quilt

Technicolor Yawn a.k.a. Scrap Vomit Quilt by Katy Jones.

This one would use up a lot of my bright scraps! (Again, a little more planned. I must get over that!)

Improv Log Cabin quilt

Improv Log Cabin Quilt by Jennifer Mathis.

The next one is was made by Penny as a part of a group called Scraps to Treasure, where they exchanged scraps, then had to make something from them. I love the result.

Scrap Buster quilt

Scrap Buster by Penny Lyman.

I love churn-dash blocks, and this quilt is a beautiful example of how nice a scrap churn-dash can look. Love it!

Postage Stamp quilt

Postage Stamp Quilt by Julie and quilted by Millie of Texas. (Sorry, no more info than that…)

Here’s one that could make you crazy! (Maybe she already was, who knows?) Lots and lots and LOTS of little squares!

My Quilt of Many Colors

My Quilt of Many Colors by Mary L of Kansas

I love the interlocking stars in this one. It’s gorgeous! The colors are great, too.

Sparkle Punch Scrappy Stars quilt

Sparkle Punch Scrappy Stars by Donna. (Some of these quilters don’t put a full name on their blog.)

This last one for today is a fun, modern scrappy quilt. I love the brights and the quilting! Lots of lines. It was entered as part of a Blogger’s Quilt Festival last fall.

Scrap Quilt

Scrap Quilt by Karen Anderson

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at scrap quilts! There are so many great quilts and ideas out there for using up your scraps. I hope you find something that you will enjoy!


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